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Onboarding & Offboarding


Executive Office HR

Once the candidate’s background check is fully cleared, the onboarding process may begin. New hires will be directed to complete onboarding tasks within Workday. Supervisors should coordinate the new hires first day and work with the Executive Office HR team to schedule a time (preferably first action item on start day) for them to meet with a shared environment member to complete the UW required onboarding. During this onboarding the Executive Office HR team will cover the following topics:

  • I-9 completion
  • Workday essentials
  • UW & Executive Office Required Trainings
  • Husky Card access
  • UW resources and Helpful links

While the Executive Office HR is responsible for completing UW required onboarding, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to introduce the new hire to their position’s responsibilities along with your unit’s policies, processes, unique environment and the UW culture. Here are some helpful resources and links for creating your departmental onboarding process:

Useful Links


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