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Outside Work Agreement

The UW Outside Work Request for Approval form (pdf) for staff positions is required to be completed any time a UW employee is engaging in work (whether paid or unpaid) that is outside of the University. The form should be completed and signed by the employee, then routed to the appropriate individuals for Section II (supervisor) and Section III (department director/head) for approval. Finally, the form, and any accompanying supporting documentation, should be routed to the Executive Office HR team. EOSS is responsible for reviewing the form and securing the final approval in Section IV (Unit Administrative Head).

The following are critical guidelines to ensure you have correctly filled out the Outside Work Request for Approval form and provided additional supporting documentation before submitting it to the Executive Office HR team for final approval:

  • Outside Work Request Forms for the Executive Office cannot be approved on an “indefinite” basis. Instead, the “dates of work” section should reflect no more than a 12-month period. If the work is continuing beyond a 12-month period, a new Outside Work Request form must be completed and submitted for approval.
  • The “describe the activities” field should include full details of job duties/responsibilities for the outside work and whether the work is compensated. An additional sheet can be used in order to capture all relevant details.
  • For the “when will work be performed” section, additional details should be provided (using an additional sheet) to capture the schedule of outside work, such as date(s) of performance and hours per day.
    • PLEASE NOTE: In the event that the outside work hours are during regular UW hours, the employee will not be allowed to flex their UW schedule to accommodate the outside work. Instead, the employee will need to utilize time off (either paid or unpaid) to cover those hours.

If you have any questions on this form or the Executive Office’s guidelines, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Executive Office HR team.