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Form: Hiring New Staff

Workday Cutover Notice: Due to Financial Transformation Go Live this July, there may be some delays in processing New Hire requests. Specific deadlines are listed in this PDF.

At this time EOHR is requesting that any any new hire requests with posting dates or hire dates (for direct hires only) prior to July 1 be submitted to EOHR as soon as possible to meet the approval deadlines established by central HR.

If you have any questions on the timeframe for completion for a specific new hire staff request, please reach out to a member of the EOHR team for guidance. We will be happy to advise you on the timeframe for completion and any requests that may be impacted due to Workday FT Go Live.

Deadlines to be aware of when submitting a new request:

5/01/2023: Deadline for creating new positions or editing vacant positions*
6/09/2023: Deadline for posting positions

*These deadlines are not applicable to hourly and ASE Student Appointments.

NOTE: These deadlines are reflective of when the actions need to be fully submitted in Workday by our central HR partners in Compensation, ISC, and Recruiting. As all requests undergo a preliminary review by EOHR, it is essential that you submit your requests as soon as possible.

Contacts for questions: Erin Heckman ( or Maria MacGregor (